My business is to provide photography services, but my mission is to tell stories with images. Whether it's for senior portraits, graduation, acting auditions, wedding or to capture a significant gathering for your family.  I aspire to preserve memories and evoke emotion with each image captured. Crafting photographic art which catches the eye or touches the heart is my goal. As a photographer is it corny to say my focus is always on my client? Perhaps so, but any photographer who does not focus on their client is unlikely to capture the character of the subject or the flavor of the moment.

Why Hire a Photographer? In today's world nearly everyone has a camera with them the majority of the time. At most weddings these days you could literally have a dozen people taking photos for you at any given time during the day. So ask yourself, how likely will those photos be worthy of framing and hanging on your wall? Will they have the resolution needed to produce large prints? Sure, they'll be fun to scan through from time to time and share via social media, but will they impress as well as entertain? Take a few minutes to view the video below which presents only some of the reasons why you should invest in hiring a photographer. And you should treat it as just that, an investment in one of the few things that lives for decades after the moment being captured.

Client Focus:

As part of our client focus, we spend time getting to know you before we pull out the camera. We'll ask a few questions.


For example we will ask seniors about their school and extra-curricular activities.  We also want to learn what environments appeal to you (urban vs. rural); do you prefer formal vs. casual attire; do you have a favorite era or decade; etc.. Knowing your "style" and what appeals to you enables us to channel creativity in a more specific direction.

While portrait sessions don't involved as much planning and time as a wedding, we still give them every bit as much attention to detail with intent to deliver a product you'll value.  Portrait sessions start at $65 for the first hour and $50 for each additional hour at multiple locations.


We want to hear all the details regarding plans for your special day, What is the style and color of the gown, the bride maid dresses and the men's wear. Naturally the venue is very important, and if we are not yet familiar with the location we'll take time to scout it out in advance. Based on those, and other details, we can better plan what to capture and perhaps offer a few suggestions we hope you'll find valuable. And schedule is important, because we don't want to rush when it comes to getting the shots that are critical to telling your story.

Wedding packages start at $750. All packages include photographer coverage along with an assistant on wedding day.  We provide online proofing,  multiple image delivery options, a wide range of print products and wedding albums.  We craft our products with the intent of delivering a future family heirloom. Contact us for full details and pricing.

Considering an elopement or very limited day, ask about our "shotgun wedding" option. Not looking for a full package? Inquire about our "a la carte" pricing.

Portraits As with weddings, the more rewarding your session is likely to be. Whether for a single person, a small group or family we prefer to conduct the session at one or more locations which reflect your nature and / or interests.

Other Services: 

Ask about our styled shots and creative edits. Retouching services are also available. Samples of creative edits and retouched images are available upon request.  We can also create a video montage of selected images set to music.  We even have a couple of drones we can use for some aerial shots and video.   Need to restore an old photo which have become worn over time or damaged?  Let us examine it and see what we can do to help.

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